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Jeff was very professional and knowledgeable in his field. My meeting was very valuable, and Jeff had a solution to my situation the very next day.
- Joseph Oct 2022

I found Jeff online and worked with him and his team on a defamation issue. I found Jeff to be very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and was very happy with his services. I would highly recommend him. 
- Josh May 2022

Jeffrey Silence was recommended to me by two attorneys I trust immensely - so you could say I had very high expectations. Given the circumstance that led me to need an attorney like Jeffrey, you can say I wasn't willing to gamble and risk moving forward with anyone that wasn't an expert in my area of need, or one that I couldn't trust completely. Needless to say, he not only met my expectations, but completely exceeded them. I was amazed not only at his ability to grasp my unique circumstance, but to offer counsel that was sound, prudent and aligned with my personal goal to conduct myself with honor in my situation. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeffrey Silence and his firm.
- Anonymous Jan 2022

My wife and I contacted an attorney that we found off a lawyer search site and he stated that he knew of an attorney that he spoke so highly of and that would better suit our needs. That attorney was Jeff Silence. We couldn't have been more pleased with the recommendation. Before our consultation, we had so much uncertainty and anxiety, since we've never had to speak with a lawyer before. Afterward, we were so confident with how knowledgeable and professional he was that it gave my wife and I the peace of mind that we were longing for.
- Andrew Dec 2020

Jeff wrote our employee handbook at our law firm, and provided us with a lot of answers to our questions. He was a pleasure to work with through the whole process.
- Joe Feb 2020

I would say my case is kind of unique because it covers all sorts of employment law contract and labor laws. Though the nature of my case is unique, it was not a problem for Jeff Silence. He is hands down the best attorney I’ve ever spoken to. Not only did he give his recommendation on how to proceed through the various routes, he explained in great detail how we are going to handle this situation. I would recommend him to my family and friends. His steadfast commitment to customer service and dedication is second to none.
- Alden Dec 2019

Mr. Silence was very helpful in my case which was settled out of court. He was able to articulate my arguments so that we had a very satisfactory outcome. I would highly recommend him!
- Sar Sep 2019

Jeffrey provided excellent service by informing me of several options to resolve my issue. I highly recommend him for any employment related issues.
- Chris Sep 2019

I had a complicated legal matter with my previous employer. I felt way in over my head and overmatched. I sought help and found Jeff. We sat and went over the details of the coming case. I left feeling confident and hopeful. I am grateful to Jeff and the team for their hard work in getting me great settlement. To this day, I cannot thank them enough. Jeff pays special attention to detail, offers much knowledge/advice, and keeps good communication with us.
- Delray Sep 2019

Unfortunately, I had to seek legal advice for employment. Jeff came highly recommend from a veteran lawyer that was about to retire. Jeff is straightforward about the situation and my options while still maintaining empathy and compassion. All my questions were answered and communication made me feel informed and constantly aware of what was going on. I would highly recommend Jeff to friends and family.
- Joey Mar 2019

I had a complicated and emotionally draining sexual harassment case that Jeff was able to settle for me out of court. I'm so glad I found him. From start to finish he managed the entire thing calmly and professionally - and some of it was handled while he was on his honeymoon! Jeff almost immediately built a fantastic rapport with my ex-employer's attorney and was able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement. I cannot thank him enough. 
- Ashley Aug 2018

Jeffrey Silence represented me in my case against my employer. I do not have enough glowing words to describe how much I appreciated him and his staff. The attention to detail was perfection, and my questions were readily answered every single time with zero delay or hesitation. Jeff’s calm and reassuring demeanor made what could’ve been a much more stressful time - much easier for me and I even had a successful outcome. Highly recommend!
- Rhonda Aug 2018

Mr. Silence helped me with an employment issue and found that he was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and always responded to me quickly. He listened to my issue and provided me with sound advice. I'll definitely go back to Mr. Silence should I ever find myself needing a lawyer.
- James June 2018

Mr. Silence is a very intelligent and very skilled attorney. He knows the law, keeps himself up to date, and is most diligent about his profession. He also is very communicative with his clients, trying to make sure they are aware of what is going to happen, helping prepare them as best he can. At least as important as his professional skills, Jeff is a fine man, a good citizen, and in the law for the right reasons, to see that justice is served. I recommend him highly.
- Gary May 2018

Jeffrey is, above all, a kind and caring person. As my attorney he took a patient and friendly approach with my former employer's attorney even though, at the time, I wanted him to be more aggressive. In hindsight, he knew what he was doing and provided good advice. If he would have been more aggressive I think it would have backfired and resulted in litigation which would have been costly. He was able to obtain the desired result.
- Don May 2018 

Jeff has spent countless of hours litigating against my former employer over the past 2 years, with SUCCESS being the final result. This case had to be one of the most trying cases he has ever encountered due to my formal employer. At every step of the process, Jeff was patient and relentless. Jeff has proven to be not only a phenomenal attorney, but an amazing human being. He provided peace of mind and understanding throughout this entire process. I can't thank him enough for all of his hard work!
- Joanne May 2018

An employee of mine filed a $75,000 lawsuit against me falsely claiming that I had sexually harassed her. I think she saw too many news articles and decided this was her way to gouge me for money. Thanks to Jeffery Silence and his incredibly thorough documentation of all issues and legalities, apparently the other lawyer decided it wasn’t worth his time to try and bluff his way through the lawsuit. I credit Jeffrey 100% with this outcome. I would gladly recommend him to anyone requiring lawyer services.
- Gordon May 2018

I hired Mr. Silence for an employment issue. He was very professional and sympathetic to my situation. He returned my emails and calls right away. He answered all my questions and was very thorough. He was quite knowledgeable in his field and I was definitely impressed with the outstanding work he did on my case!
- Tony April 2018 

Jeffery Silence is a fantastic employment attorney. His knowledge and experience in this field helped guide me through a complex and sometimes emotional work issue. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts on my behalf.
- Judy Mar 2018 

Jeff Silence was helpful in his advise and counsel. He was responsive and clear in his communications. I'd highly recommend him to my friends and family and if I should have a need to use him again, I will do so.
- Anonymous Jan 2017 

I hired Jeffrey Silence to represent me in a nuanced, politicized, and elongated civil suit. He worked closely with me, logging many hours of research, strategy sessions, and coaching, to render the most informed, transparent, and dynamic service possible. He was also mindful of my humanity and the toll the suit took on me and my family. Not only is he an excellent attorney, he is a good person and is profoundly genuine in his desire to do the best for his clients. He is first rate.
- Matthew Jan 2017 

Mr. Silence was quick and extremely professional when dealing with the legal situation I had with my employer. I strongly recommend his services as he is thorough and detailed when approaching difficult and sometimes delicate legal matters.
- Julio Jan 2017 

Jeff has been a great advocate for us. He has listened to our concerns as well as defined our options. He also makes much appreciated suggestions. He has written excellent briefs and conducted important depositions.
- Dave Jan 2017 

Jeff handled my case with great integrity outlining a clear course of action, utilizing his resources to locate specific information, answering my questions with depth and honesty. He also represented my character and circumstances with forthrightness. I felt I was in control but his guidance and pause for reflection were vital to the decisions I made. We were able to maintain open lines of communication with each other as well as with the other side which allowed for a frank exchange of ideas and positions. I highly recommend Jeff as a thoughtful, honest and determined advocate.
- Jamie Jan 2017 

Mr. Silence provided informative consul and outlined options effectively. He used many resources on my behalf to identify a strategy that, I believe, resulted in an expedient and favorable outcome.
- Anonymous Jan 2017 

After thoroughly researching law firms around the Phoenix area, I decided to bring my case to Jeff Silence. I could not have been happier from beginning to end. I have never been involved in a legal issue, and Jeff walked me through the entire process thoroughly from Day 1. He always kept my best interests in mind and ensured my case progressed in a manner that eventually led to victory. I'm sure he has plenty of other clients, but I always felt extremely important and that my case truly mattered to him. Phone calls and emails were returned quickly, and he never gave me the impression that my large number of ignorant and naive questions were troublesome. I hope this is my first and last legal matter, but if it's not, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Jeff in the future. Big thank you to Jeff for your true compassion and expertise in Employment Law. I couldn't have won my case without your help!
- Anonymous July 2016 

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