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Practice Areas

Employment Law

Jeff has significant experience pursuing and defending all types of employment claims on behalf of both employees and employers. He represents the "little guy" and holds employers accountable. He also helps his employer clients enact preventive measures. Representing both employees and employers gives Jeff a unique perspective on resolving conflict.


Whether you are an employee or employer, Jeff can help you with any of the following issues:


  • Non-compete agreements, 

  • Non-solicit agreements, 

  • Confidentiality agreements, 

  • Whistleblowing,

  • Failure to pay wages including commissions and bonuses, 

  • Sex harassment, 

  • Discrimination, 

  • Breach of contract, 

  • Failure to pay overtime and minimum wage, 

  • ADA,

  • FMLA, and

  • Paid sick leave. 

Defamation and Harassment

Jeff has litigated several high-profile defamation cases. Jeff also has significant experience pursuing and defending claims for intentional interference with business expectancies. This kind of claim arises when someone is intentionally trying to cause you harm without a legitimate reason. 


Commercial Law


Jeff has significant experience pursuing and defending a broad range of commercial law cases, including breach of contract matters. 

Education Law

Jeff has significant experience handling the following types of claims and issues on behalf of both university students and professors:

  • ​Sex harassment,

  • Title IX investigations,

  • Disability discrimination,

  • Test-taking accommodations,

  • Disciplinary issues including plagiarism and other misconduct, and

  • Being terminated due to alleged poor performance

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